Insurance Investigations - Saving you money & tracing witnesses

Insurance Investigations

Credit Monsters is 100% committed to uncovering the truth. With total professional integrity we undertake a vast range of insurance investigations to establish whether a claim is genuine or is in fact, fraud.

We work with our clients to protect their interest, assessing the pros and cons of each claim and to provide a rapid conclusion and enable you to quickly and accurately settle the matter whether it is pursuing uninsured drivers, a fraud claim or uninsured losses.

Every year millions of pounds are lost due to fraudulent insurance claims, uninsured drivers, uninsured defendants and uninsured losses. We believe in a proactive and reactive approach, backed by total integrity and commitment to results. Thinking outside the box and using the very latest processes and systems we deliver quickly, thoroughly and competitively.

With over 20 years experience and using the most advanced tools and systems Credit Monsters can help you in tracing witnesses, policy-holders, claimants, will assist you in solving fraud and help you recover uninsured losses.

Only a phone call away, we offer not only discretion but the very best one-to-one advice for exceptional service levels so please feel free to contact us on 0151 638 8766.


Uninsured Losses

Recovery of uninsured losses, then, if you have a client that has fallen foul of an uninsured driver and/or defendant, then, we can assist you with establishing the best route possible for recovering those uninsured losses. We refer you to our service pages for Pre-Sue Reports or Asset Reports, which provide a range of products, which can assist you in making an informed decision on how best to proceed with the matter.

Our insurance investigations can also assist you in tracing witnesses, policy-holders and even your client and the cost starts from £45.

Where little is known about the missing target or when complex issues arise such as uninsured drivers, Credit Monster's premium tracing service offers an unrivalled solution to finding the impossible. Using advanced systems and only the best tools our premium tracing service at a price starting at £100 will work to identify and uncover the uninsured driver with a success rate few can beat.

We pride ourselves on solving fraud claims where all others have failed. With our ability to think outside the proverbial box we have assisted many a claims handler in proving fraud and preventing the need for endless and expensive legal costs. Whether you are investigating a staged/contrived claim, a malingering claimant or even a dependency claim we can help you reach an informed decision on whether to pay or defend. £ to be discussed.

Please feel free to contact Helen Falconer on 0151 638 8766 to discuss your needs for Insurance Investigations.

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