Attendances - Ways to Enforce

At Credit Monsters we offer this service as an addition to the pre-sue reports. We provide a full property description and valuation (approx) along with vehicle identification thus providing a more in-depth over-view of a persons or companies worth.  As with our process serving this is offered not only locally but nationally.

Visits in Merseyside

Our visits allow the client to focus on fact rather than fiction. A property maybe worth a certain amount via Internet searches however when you undertake the attendance you find the property is in much need of attention or has been extended. We also find this enquiry allows us to see if vehicle identification is possible by off road parking.

With regards to business premises then we can establish if the target business remains in situ or has moved on and whether the premises are occupied or un-occupied. This affords us the opportunity of speaking with locals to establish better particulars regarding the subject business.

If required we will produce photographic evidence of our findings at no extra charge.

Vehicle Identification - This task is utilised significantly with our insurer clients to quantify the hire charges from a claim. We will visit the property at 3 different times of the day/evening to see whether the hire vehicle is there. This type of enquiry as with all attendances is not just available in Merseyside but nationally.

We have found that an attendance assists our clients in quantifying the validity of an insurance claim, in particular, hire charges.

The property description and valuation provides a better overview as to whether there is likely to be equity in the premises and is therefore worth the legal fees for placing a charge over the premises to recoup a debt.

There are many reasons why this service is beneficial to clients whether it be for debt, insurance related matters, fraud, financial protection the list is vast.

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